Diabetes arises out of high blood sugar levels over long periods in your body manifesting itself as frequent urination, thirst and hunger. If you don't get proper treatment on time, then it might be treated and controlled with medications throughout your life. If not treated on time, it would also attack all your important organs, like foot ulcers, cramps, and even amputation. In terms of activity, your foot care needs proper care in which you've to move around and eke out your living. However, you needn't to worry about this, as we, at Brampton Chiropody therapy center, close to your community, staffed with efficient podiatric and diabetologists, with modern equipment, consistently cure your pain.


Knowing how diabetes affects the foot is important so that you can follow some measures to escape its seriousness. Main factors are gluttony, obesity, over-weight, and lack of exercises. Genetic inheritance is another cause.

Do You Know How Diabetes affects Your Foot?

When diabetes bothers you, it damages your blood circulation and the nerves running to your foot. It causes ulcers, numbness, tingling, and burning sensation in the foot and leg. Furthermore, redness, swelling, blisters, ulcer and ingrown nail appear in your foot. When any injury occurs in your foot, its recovery may be delayed or maybe it can not be healed. Ultimately, a foot injury could lead to infection of bones and joints, leading to ulceration, in turn ending up in amputation of a toe, limb or foot, if you don't treat it in time.

Control Diabetes And Save Your Foot

When you decide for diabetic foot treatment, think of Diabetic foot care Brampton. Access Health Centre offer a simple and affordable way to finance your treatments and procedures. Our treatment comprises medication, and physical exercises. With balanced diet, it drives away your obesity. At this stage, you are advised to avoid tight socks, and protect your foot in correct-sized shoes.

The podiatrist or the diabetologist at Access Health Centre would check up the blood flow to the toenails, corns and infections in your foot, and administer correct treatment. Our services include efficient treatment, use of modern equipment for correct diagnosis, and supplying medical aesthetics and prosthetics.