Many of us suffer with chronic foot pain and think there’s nothing to be done about it. Fortunately, treatment through orthotics in Brampton is available. This treatment corrects the foot’s structural problems with footwear inserts. High arches, “flat feet,” and alignment issues can create extreme pain throughout heels, soles, ankles, the forefoot, knees, and extend up to the hip joints and spine.

How the Treatment is done?

First, you’ll schedule a consultation with one of our licensed foot specialists. They’ll examine your feet and listen to your concerns. Based on this exam, the therapist can identify your condition(s) and custom design an orthotic insert just for you. After about a week, you’ll return to us and be given instructions on how benefit most from your orthotic inserts.

Because the “device” (though it’s just a new insole for your shoes) is made to help address physiological problems like imbalance and misalignment, you’ll check in with us periodically to discuss your progress and the success of the treatment. Inserts can be made to fit most shoes that have a back to them, including strapped sandals. You won’t have to sacrifice style for health.

If you think Orthotics in Access Health Centre might be a viable solution for your aches and pains, please visit us soon